Mazaaq Raat 12 January 2015 on Dunya TV With Ali Khan Gorchani & Tahira Syed

Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani son of Sardar Parvez Iqbal Gorchani was born on May 17, 1980 at D.G. Khan. He graduated in 2006 from Multan. He served as Nazim, Tribal Area, Rajanpur during 2004-07. He was first elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in the General Elections in 2008 and served as Parliamentary Secretary for Colonies & Consolidation. He returned to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for the 2nd term in general elections 2013 and is functioning as Deputy Speaker, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. He has travelled to UAE.

Tahira Sayed was born to vocalist Malika Pukhraj and Shabbir Husain, a Punjabi government official and writer. Syed obtained her primary education from the Convent of Jesus and Mary where she passed her Senior Cambridgeexaminations. She graduated from Lahore College, then studied law at the Punjab University. After obtaining an LLB degree, she enrolled in a Masters Program in English at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, but later dropped out of the college.

Syed began singing, at age of 12, to please her mother. After two years of rigorous classical music training by Akhtar Hussain, Syed was instructed in geet and ghazal by her mother.[3] Her final teacher, Nazar Hussain, taught her voice modulation and raggi (singing using the throat).

Syed first appeared on air in 1968–1969 on Radio Pakistan, and then on Pakistan Television. “Yeh Alam Shauq Ka Dekha na Jaey”, “Chanjar Phabdi Na Mutiar Bina” and “Abhi Tau Main Jawan Houn”, written by Pakistani poet Hafeez Jalandhri, are some of her most popular songs.[1] In April 1985, she appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. She received the Pakistan Television Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan on 23 March 2013. In 1972, she won the Nigar Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

Syed continues to perform at diverse events such as a “ghazal evening” in Dallas, Texas, U.S.,[5] a tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., and at the Faiz International Festival in Lahore.



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